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Copy paste div containing the comments to be anonymized into this form


The Facebook Comment Anonymizer anonymizes comments from Facebook, with each individual commentator or tagged person being assigned an individual anonymous id number. No personal information about the commentators or tagged people will be saved.

Sometimes you might get an error message saying "this page isn't working". If so, the comments you are trying to anonymize won't work - and you have to use some other comments. There is no fix for this bug.

WARNING: if used for scientific purposes, you should always make sure that the data handling done by this script is acceptable for your local institusion and your country's laws and regulations.

How to use:

  1. Right click on the comments you wish to use (The comments MUST be a Facebook comment from Facebook or a Facebook plugin). Choose inspector.
  2. Using the inspector, find the div-tag that contains all the comments you wish to use
  3. Right-click the div, choose "Copy" and "Copy outer HTML"
  4. Paste into the form and click format
  5. Sometimes a name will not be tagged right by Facebook, and it will not be anonymized. If so, you have the option to add the name to a new input field (multiple names should be seperated by a comma) and click format again.
  6. Always read through the comments and make sure they are all anonymized before using other tools to download and store the data.

Download Source Code (v3)

Facebook Comment Anonymizer - Magnus Andre Knustad, 2017
Anyone is free to use and change this open source script, which is provided "as is" without warrenty, under the the condition that this notice is included.